Huffman Psychology, PLLC provides quality neuropsychological and psychological services for individuals across the lifespan in the Mid-Michigan area.  We offer services using a hybrid telehealth and in-person model while following current safety guidelines.  Dr. Huffman specializes in performing neuropsychological assessments.  See below for detailed information regarding services offered.


Jennifer L. Huffman, Ph.D., ABPP                                      

Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist                        

Licensed Psychologist



Dr. Jennifer Huffman is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist with a subspecialty certification in pediatric neuropsychology providing psychological and neuropsychological services in the Mid-Michigan area.  These services include testing/evaluations for a wide variety of presenting problems, consultation, and therapy.


Ø      Neuropsychological Evaluation:



Neuropsychology is the study of brain/behavior relationships.  Dr. Jennifer Huffman conducts neuropsychological evaluations for a variety of presenting problems that affect learning and cognition to determine changes in memory functioning, attention and concentration, problem solving, and emotional status.  These functional areas are often influenced by medical and psychological conditions, and neuropsychological testing can clarify diagnoses and assist in treatment planning.  Conditions that affect learning and cognition include:


·    Learning Disorders

·    Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

·    Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

·    Depression/Anxiety

·    Head Injury

·    Memory Impairment/Dementia


Age Ranges and Length of Testing


Dr. Jennifer Huffman performs evaluations on individuals across the full life span.  Usually, testing is completed in one day across morning and afternoon sessions with breaks as needed to ensure maximum performance.  At times, it is appropriate to arrange the testing in multiple brief sessions.


Areas Assessed


A typical neuropsychological evaluation will involve assessment of the following:


·    General Intellect

·    Higher Level Executive Skills (e.g., sequencing, reasoning, problem-solving)

·    Attention and Concentration

·    Learning and Memory

·    Language

·    Visual-Spatial Skills (e.g., perception)

·    Motor and Sensory Skills

·    Mood and Personality

·    Behavioral Functioning


The specific tests and procedures used are closely tailored to the individual client, considering the client’s stage of development and the complexity of the problems. 


Test Interpretation


Test scores are compared to scores of large groups of healthy people to understand a client’s pattern of strengths and weaknesses.


Written Reports and Recommendations


After the evaluation is completed, Dr. Jennifer Huffman will meet with the client (and often with family) to review the findings of the evaluation.  At that time recommendations are made for treatment or other interventions, ranging from teaching clients how to best capitalize on the strengths in their learning style, to referral to an appropriate professional in the client’s community for continued treatment of their condition.


After discussing the results, a written report can be made available to communicate the findings to other professionals involved in the case.


Ø      Educational Consultation:



Dr. Jennifer Huffman performs evaluations designed to help in decision making regarding appropriate school placement or interventions needed to maximize success in learning.  She is available to attend school meetings and provide consultation to schools.


Ø      Professional Consultation:



Dr. Jennifer Huffman assists in litigation involving individuals with psychological or neuropsychological conditions.  She provides independent medical evaluations and/or expert witness testimony.


Ø      Psychological Treatment:



As a therapist, Dr. Jennifer Huffman offers a variety of treatment modalities for a broad array of conditions and concerns.  These include:


·    Academic Problems

·    Depression/Anxiety

·    Adjustment Difficulties

·    Other Psychological Conditions


Ø      Professional Presentations:



Dr. Jennifer Huffman enjoys the opportunity to lecture on a variety of topics in psychology and neuropsychology.  Topics from recent presentations include:


·    Intellectual Disability Across the Lifespan

·    Using Neuropsychology to Understand Learning Disorders

·    Self-Management of ADHD in Adults

·    Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

·    Negotiating School Services after TBI


Dr. Jennifer Huffman is board certified in Clinical Neuropsychology with a subspecialty in Pediatric Neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology.  She received her doctorate and master’s degrees in clinical psychology from Wayne State University.  She also gained assessment training at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry and Henry Ford Hospital Jackson.  She completed a clinical neuropsychology internship at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Hospital, and she completed a pediatric neuropsychology fellowship in the Neuropsychology Division of the Department of Psychiatry at Michigan Medicine. 


Dr. Jennifer Huffman served as the Manager of Henry Ford Allegiance Health Neuropsychology in Jackson, Michigan for 9 years and as an adjunct professor in the Psychology Department at Michigan State University.  Her recent academic work includes training practicum students from local universities and teaching.  She maintains an active interest in latest research in the field of neuropsychology and regularly attends professional conferences.  Dr. Huffman was a special guest on a NavNeuro podcast regarding intellectual disability (